The Dali Gallery - Arrival

Salvador Dalí was born at 8:45AM on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain.

The parents of Dalí; created a definition of spoilt child that will in all likelihood never be surpassed, indulging his every wish from the moment he arrived, thus putting in motion an unchanging pattern which lasted until the moment of his death on January 23, 1989.

Dalí made many self-portraits over the course of his long life. This oil on canvas, which serves as the opening movement - an introduction to The Gallery - was completed in 1921.

The bombastic introduction signifies The Arrival of the great man. "Here I Am World!" he proclaims. One only has to look at some early photographs of the Dalí family to see that "I am special" attitude that young Salvador adoped considerably before the end of his first decade.

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