The Dali Gallery

The Persistence of Memory - oil, 1931, is probably Dalís most famous painting. The artist visited the soft, melting watch motif several times during his career. Being the ultimate self-promoter and quite astute business-man that he was, the cagey artist often spoke of his work, but was a master of the art of uttering many words that provide little information. There has been speculation that Einstein's theory of relativity has some involvement in his thinking, or how time might distort when we dream. In any event the artist, who has succeeded in keeping theories about his intentions still coming from various corners, has also succeeded in commanding our attention long after his departure.

The music takes both time and clock routes. After a calm introduction by the stereo harps, using the walking music motif, the uneven, shifting time patterns in the first trombone solo set the stage for the entire movement. Closer to the end the three clocks appear and indeed have the last word.

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