The Missing

Frank Proto - The Missing
You once knew me, but now can't recall my name.
You abandoned me, yet still miss me so.
The words I once spoke while not always fair
entered your mind with great insistence.

My presence seems an immense mystery, though
thoughts I may offer are not those you wish.
We once were so loving and close but today
you struggle so much to preserve your distance.

You have deserted me.
You left for a rival who deludes us with fear.
Appealing to our worries, our pain and distress.
Seeking our approval but preferring us bitter.

You have neglected me.
And went with the faction that questions by smear.
Defaming those poor souls who dare to profess
w ith obnoxious insults and scorn via twitter.

You still refuse to see.
I am standing right in front of you here.
You not only stumble blindly and deaf
but dismiss all traces of logic my dear.

While trying to reach you in this terrible dream
I fear that I'll fail despite my persistence.
Yet as you lie sleepless in dead of night
you feel my being, yet curse my existence.

You once knew me, but now can't recall my name.
Dismissed me as an antique from the past.
Still I sense you now know our former connection.
It shows in your eyes and the sounds your lips cast.

Yes my love the moment is finally here
when you'll admit to casting me off for the droll
boorish despot who promised so much, but instead
s eized and shattered the essence of your soul.

Yes my love I am the missing just now.
But with your long spent memories of youth
serving torment you can't disavow
you now realize that my name is Truth.
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