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Demonstration CDs are produced to order for those considering performances of our works.
They are not for sale or broadcast but are made available for a small service charge to cover
the cost of reproduction and handling. They may be ordered through our secure on-line shopping
cart directly from this page.

The service charge will be refunded in the form of an invoice credit when a performance is scheduled.

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Artist or Composer Title CD# Price Category Purchase
Proto, F. Can This Be Man?
A Music Drama for Violin and Orchestra
RM-SP-9215 $15.00 CC   
Proto, F. Concerto
for Cello and Orchestra
CD-R-0050 $15.00 CC   
Proto, F. The Dalí Gallery
The Dalí Gallery
RM-SP-9234 $15.00 CC   
Proto, F. Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
A Portrait of Stephen Foster
RM-SP-9214 $15.00 OP
Proto, F. Doodles
An Introduction to The Orchestra
RM-SP-9214 $15.00 YP   
Proto, F. Ghost in Machine
An American Music Drama
for Vocalist, Narrator and Orchestra
CD-9207 $15.00 CC
Proto, F. My Name is Citizen Soldier
for Narrator and Orchestra
CD-R-0058 $15.00 CC   
Proto, F. Paganini in Metropolis
for Clarinet and Orchestra
CD-SP-9222 $15.00 CC,
Proto, F. Paganini in Metropolis
for Clarinet and Wind Symphony
CD-R-0064 $15.00 CC,
Proto, F. Three Pieces
for Percussion and Orchestra
CD-R-0095 $15.00 CC,
Proto, F. Three Movements
for Brass Choir and Percussion
CD-R-0096 $15.00 CC,
Proto, F. Works for Tuba and Orchestra
The Four Seasons for Tuba, Percussion, Strings and Stereo Tape
The New Seasons for Tuba, Percussion Flutes and Strings.
CD-R-0055 $15.00 CC

C = Classical
CC = Contemporary Classical
CD+ = Enhanced CD
DV = DVD Music Video
J = Jazz
W = World
OP = Orchestra Pops
SO-* = Special Order
Th = Theatre Work
V = VHS Video
YP = Music for Young People