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Composers and Ensembles
Jackie Allen & Hans Sturm
Tim Berens
Cohesion Jazz Ensemble
Lancen, S.
Misek, A
Proto, F
Rabbath, F
Sperger, J.M.
Walter, D

Catalog of currently available audio excerpts

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Jackie Allen & Hans Sturm
- I want to be happy

- Rainforest

- When Will We Ever Be

- You stepped out of a dream

Tim Berens
- Another Rhumba for Armando

- Joaquin Rodrigo: Concierto De Aranjuez

- I Remember You

- William Walton: Bagatelle No. 3

Cohesion Jazz Ensemble

- Sango Sumosis

- When Will We Ever Be

- Untitled 1977

Lancen, Serge
- Habanera from Croquis

Misek, Adolph
- Sonata No. 2 for Double Bass and Piano

Proto, Frank
- Afro-American Fragments after Langston Hughes

- An American Overture

- Birds Birds Birds VHS-Video

- Carmen Fantasy for Double Bass and Orchestra, A

- Carmen Fantasy for Double Bass and Piano, A

- Carmen Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra, A

- Casey at the Bat

- Concerto No. 2 for Double Bass and Orchestra

- Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

- Creatures in Room 642, The - for Trumpet, Percussion, Double Bass and Narrator

- Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts - A Portrait of Stephen Foster

- Doodles - An Introduction to the Orchestra

- Death of Desdemona for Double Bass and Tape, The

- Duo No. 1 for Violin and Double Bass

- Fantasy for Double Bass and Orchestra

- Fantasy on the Saints

- Five Divertimenti for Solo Violin

- Four Rogues - A Mystery for Double Bass and Piano

- Hamabe No Arashi

- Lessons - for Solo Double Bass

- Mingus - Live in the Underworld

- More than Miles

- Ode to a Giant

- Overture to a Carnival

- Nebula - Music for Piano, Double Bass and Tape

- Quartet for Basses

- Quintet for Piano and Strings

- Reflections - Music for Viola, Double Bass and Tape

- Solar Wind

- Sonata 1963 for Double Bass and Piano

- Soundscapes for Solo Viola

- String Quartet No. 1

- Story of Herman for Basses, Percussion and Tape, The

- Suite for the Piano

- Three Episodes from Ghost in Machine for Oboe/English Horn, Double Bass and Piano

- Three Movements for Brass Choir and Percussion

- Three Pieces for Percussion and Orchestra

- Trio for Violin, Viola and Bass

- Variations on Dixie

- Voyage that Johnny Never Knew, The
Rabbath, François
- Concerto for Double Bass and Piano

- Crazy Course

- Equation du Temps

- Horda

- Iberique Peninsulaire

- L'Odyssee D'eau

- Ma Mere, Baidja

- Papa Georges

- Poucha-Das

- Reitba for Double Bass and Piano

Sperger, J.M.
- Sonata No. 1 for Double Bass and Piano

Walter, David
- Prelude - Hommage à Casals

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